Appendant Bodies

The York Rite does not consist of a large number of degrees. Its degrees are conferred-never communicated, believing that if a degree is worth anything at all, it is worth the effort necessary to confer it. Your Masonic education will not depend so much upon how many degrees you may receive, but upon how well you understand and practice those you have received. 

Appendant means just what it sounds like -appendages, or things attached to something else. The word is used to describe groups that require you to be a Master Mason as a prerequisite for joining.

Every regular and recognized Grand Lodge has the sole authority in its jurisdiction to confer the three lodge degrees, not other appendant body is allowed to confer the three degrees. Any group that claims otherwise is in violation of accepted Masonic law. 

All the Grand Lodges regardless of the country or state has its own rules about what other Masonic groups its member may join, and each and every Grand Lodge decides what other groups operating in its territory are compatible with its own Masonic laws.

In North America, the York Rite is divided into three smaller, cooperating that confer ten degrees: Three of four Royal Arch Degrees, depending on the jurisdiction; three Cryptic Mason degrees; and threeChivalric Orders of Christian Knighthood, The Royal Arch and Cryptic degrees do not require a belief in Christianity, but the Templar Order is most decidedly Christian based.

Sometimes those degrees use to be named as "American Rite". If you want to learn more about the origins of the York Rite, please visit our What is the York Rite? section. 

Royal Arch

The four degrees of the Royal Arch are the first steps within the York Rite, Capstones are the row of stones that are the cap of a wall, and these degrees, especially the Royal Arch degree, are described as the capstones of the three degrees conferred in the Masonic lodge. Therefore, in other parts of the world, these degrees are described as capitular degrees. 

The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the United Mexican States is the regular body on which the Master Masons of the Most Worshipful York Grand Lodge of Mexico F.&A.M. continues their masonic development. 

Cryptic Council

The Cryptic Council is organized into a local Councils of Royal and Select Masters, and the primary officer is the illustrious Master. There are statewide Grand Councils and a national General Grand Council, although a handful of states do not participate in this national group. 

The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the United Mexican States has a deep relationship with the Most Worshipful York Grand Lodge of Mexico F.&A.M. as a consequence, once a Master Masons have fulfilled the Royal Arch degrees can continue looking for more light here.

Templar Commandery

Chivalric Freemasonry is organized into local Knight Templar commanderies. The primary officer of a commander is the Eminent Commander. The statewide bodies are known as Grand Commanderies, and the national body is called the Grand Encampment, Knights Templar Order.

The Templar Commandery Rosslyn No. 10 is the Templar Organization on which those Christian-believers may obtain the final three degrees of the York Rite of Freemasonry

If you plan to advance in Freemasonry, why not petition now and being to receive at once the satisfaction of membership in the fraternity. The fee for degrees is nominal. Dues are small. The advantages of membership are large.

Ask any York Rite Mason for a blank petition.

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