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Besides the Appendant Bodies,  there are some other groups called Related Bodies which are in a close relationship with the York Rite, these groups confer several degrees which may be connected or not with the Appendant Bodies, most of these organizations are exclusively invitationals, it is to say, you cannot apply for membership, also having limited membership.

It is important to point out that if you ask a member about how to join, you could be banned for life. If you want to access these degrees, the only possible thing you can do is investigate by your own about the admission criteria and be sure of meeting the requirements.


If you are regarded as a suitable member, you meet the requirements, and the lucky plays on your side, one day the assembly of such Related Bodie could call you for joining, however, the above mentioned does not grant your admission, you must convince at least two active members who can support your petition.

Currently, the York Grand Lodge of Mexico F.&A.M. is in connection with the following Related Body:

Red Cross of Constantine


Chivalric Freemasonry is organized into local Knight Templar commanderies. The primary officer of a commander is the Eminent Commander. The statewide bodies are known as Grand Commanderies, and the national body is called the Grand Encampment, Knights Templar Order.​ If you want to become in A Knight Templar you must you must profess the Christian faith.





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