Aztec Lodge No. 22

Language: English & Spanish.
Meet: 2nd & 4th Monday each month.
History of Aztec Lodge No. 22

The idea of founding Aztec Lodge No. 22 came twenty-two years before its creation, in 1918 there was the necessity to create a Lodge which works in Spanish due to the historical-masonic context lived in that time; however, it could not be possible and had to pass around four decades to make it happen.


In 1958 this idea turned in reality, in that same year the first Spanish speaker Templar Commandery was founded Teotihuacan No. 3 and four years before it had been chartered the first Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons oriented to Spanish speakers Chapultepec No. 5; hence, the creation of Lodges which members could speak in Spanish as well in English was crucial in order to support the appendant bodies. 

Six former members of the Mexico City Lodge No. 35 which used to work under the jurisdiction of the Muy Respetable Gran Logia Valle de Mexico decided to request their demit from this Grand Lodge in order to be compliant with the regulations of the Most Worshipful York Grand Lodge of Mexico F&A.M. with the purpose of shaping a regular lodge which worked in Spanish. Some months after, those brothers were admitted and jointly with two members of Toltec Lodge No. 1 and Anahuac Lodge No. 3 respectively, who had been initiated, passed and exalted in under the York Rite in the United States of America, were the eight founder masters. 

On November 11, 1958, came to the light Aztec Lodge U.D. and in March of the next year was recognized with its Charter Letter with the number 22 shaping the current Lodge. 

The first Worshipful Master was Mr Armando Alcazar Remus, who was initiated in the Edward Cook Lodge No. 1023 in Oak Park, Illinois. Its first members were brothers both Toltec Lodge No. 1 as Anahuac Lodge No. 3, who gave its unconditional support in order to make it stronger. 

From 1958 to 1968 Aztec Lodge No. 22 worked only in English, been on June 10 the first session in the Spanish language registered in the records of the Grand Lodge. 

During sixty years Aztec Lodge No. 22 it has been distinguished as a reference of regularity in the masonic labour, a pioneer getting adapted to the necessities of the Mexican society being the first bilingual Lodge in Mexico. The constant study and looking for the personal success of each of its members are the core of the Lodge. 

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