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Charity is one of the cornerstones of Freemasonry, for that reason, the York Grand Lodge of Mexico F.&A.M. is involved in several charity programs which are managing by the Grand Lodge,  or the Lodges of the jurisdiction.

For us, charity does not just mean writing a check or throwing coins in a basket. It means giving a part of oneself and one’s time — commodities that are always in short supply. By participating in improving the life of a whole community or a single human being, by example, they hope to encourage others to do the same.


These actions include scholarships, relief for natural disasters, and donations to schools and to low-income families. Especially notable are the many medical philanthropies supported by Masons, which range from neuromuscular, dental, and eye care to the world-famous Shriners Hospital program for children.


Recently, we have incorporated assistance for our brothers in need with transportation, medical and pharmaceutical relief in these pandemic times. 


If you need our assistance or are interested in participating in one of these charities as a volunteer, donor or associate, please let us know.

Respiratory and pharmaceutical support

If you are a brother and need respiratory or pharmaceutical support as a result of this pandemic, please let us know, we can support you by providing an oxygen tank which we will take to your location, managing medical support in a public institution or covering part of your medical prescription.

Transportation for children with cancer

Our Lodges constantly support several foundations intended to provide transportation for children with cancer to take them to their respective health centres to receive chemo-treatment, medical support, checkups, and others. 

This program is offered only in Mexico City and Xalapa; however, we are looking for partners who allow us to reach more children in Mexico.

If you want to learn or collaborate with us, fill the form.


If you are a fulltime Mason, and you like to combine rituals with philanthropy, you probably may know about the related body called the Ancient Arabic Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

This group is more properly known today as Shriners International.


Yes, these are the guys with the funny hats and little cars. The Shrine was created in 1872 by a group of Masons who felt that the lodge had become too serious and too stuffy. The Shriners confer only one degree on their Nobles, and are dedicated to putting a little bit of the boy back into the man.


They also operate Shriners Hospitals, which provide free orthopaedic and burn care to children as well as dental and eye care.





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