Xochicalco Lodge No. 32

Xochicalco Lodge No. 32 was founded in 1990 by a group of masons who started a project of growing and research based on the masonic orthodoxy, the distinctive sign of the lodge. This allowed the lodge to rose and getting an enormous prestigious characterized by the regularity and high value of its members. 

Xochicalco Lodge No. 32 is a lodge that works in Spanish, its dress code is formal clothing.

The lodge promotes the family as the central value; for that reason, the lodge regularly organizes its hall both family meetings as well as cultural where speakers of a high reputation are invited, these meetings have the purpose of promoting freemasonry and of acquiring new members.

In our meetings, political and religious discussions are absolutely prohibited; however, all ideas are welcome. 

The current members are part of the third generation which live together with the founders of the lodge; Xochicalco Lodge No. 32 works for defending and honouring the orthodoxy, preserving the masonic principles gotten by the founders, described as the intention of continually working with the intension of becoming in better men. 





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