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This is the official website of the Most Worshipful York Grand Lodge of Mexico of Free and Accepted Masons. 


On this website, you can learn about Freemasonry in the United Mexican States, seek information about how to join, and see Freemasons charity in action. Also, you can learn about our appendant bodies and affiliated organizations. 


For every man who aspires to be a better person, Freemasonry helps you develop the knowledge and skills to be the best you can be – through a unique mix of ceremony, fresh thinking and good works in an enjoyable and supportive environment because only Freemasonry uses long-proven principles that empower you to unlock your full potential, for a better future. 


To become a Freemason, ask someone you know who is already a Freemason. Alternatively, use the contact form below so that we can put you in touch with someone in your geographical area or direct you to a Grand Lodge in amity. 


See here all our charity funds and other programs in which York Mexico Masons participate. If you are not a Mason but require assistance from one of them, you could apply for such a benefit, and the respective committee will evaluate your request. 

Charity is a relevant aspect of being a Mason. As a changing agent, most of the brothers participate actively in philanthropic and relief events, jointly or separately; however, Masons are aware that collective efforts make a better impact on society than isolated. 

For that reason, the Grand Lodge, through the Charity Committee, invites all brothers and not members to participate in the year activity in which we will be supporting the Shriners Hospital for Children based in Mexico City by raising funds to cover its needs such as salaries, equipment and other operational spences. 

The Charity Committee is organizing a 25/75 raffle where a proportional part of the funds will be handed-in to the winner and the other to the institution via check; all members are invited to attend both the lottery and ceremony according to Hospital directions.

All people interested in participating, please get in touch with brother Youseff Makary (PM) or any other member of the Charity Committee; the rules, terms and conditions applicable to the raffle will be managed by such a committee and will be delivered to the brothers through the official channels, for external people, via email. 



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