About York Mexico

The Most Worshipful York Grand Lodge of Mexico F.&A.M. is a regular Grand Lodge organized in 1825 and founded in 1862, is the legitimate successor of the so-called Grand Lodge Valle de Mexico, the first Grand Lodge chartered in Mexico which was founded during the first quarter of nineteen century and remained as active until the administrative separation in 1910.

The Grand Lodge claims jurisdiction over the whole Mexican territory; it is why you can find Lodges under our jurisdiction in the country’s main cities.


Our official language is English, all our internal and external communications are held in this way. German and Spanish are regarded as secondary official languages in our Grand Lodge due to some of our Lodges conduct their meetings in these languages.


Currently, we have more than one hundred and fifty Past Grand Masters, most of whom were also notable Masons, well-known gentlemen during the first century of an independent Mexico.


It is true that York Grand Lodge of Mexico F.&A.M. is a strict Grand Lodge, we are really committed to complying with our regulations and the old charges. We are convinced that no one is above the law, we do not grant concessions nor confer privileges, also, we are respectful of the law and do not intervene in external issues. For us, Masonic regularity is something serious.


We are the only one Grand Lodge in Mexico member of the full right of the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America, our history and regularity records have helped us to be awarded as the host of such conference in the year 2025 in Guadalajara City, this is relevant in Mexican Masonic history,  it will be the first time it will be celebrated outside.


Besides that, we have been recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England since our beginnings, this recognition is proof of the excellence and work’s quality of our Grand Lodge, in fact, we are constantly visited by its members, a part of our founders were merchants as well as oil, miners, and steelworkers who came to Mexico for work purposes and decided to gather as a Masons joining to our Grand Lodge.


Jointly with the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the United Mexican States, the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the United Mexican States, the Grand Commandery of Knight Templars of the United Mexican States, we conform the York Mexico family.


We are part of the largest masonic philanthropy, the Shriners, constantly participate in fundraising for the benefit of the Shriners Hospitals for Children as well as getting involved in some other charities of the civil society.


As Masons, we are really committed to the self-development of each member, we promote the masonic virtues of brotherly love, relief and truth, besides encouraging the practice of the cardinal virtues like justice, prudence, temperance and strength, always motivated by a deep sense of charity.


York Masons are always an example for the society, for that reason, you can find our members in social, cultural and sports events. We highly believe that a Mason must build himself in all life-aspects.


The York Grand Lodge of Mexico F.&A.M. is widely recognized in the world, which means every time you travel on vacations or for work purposes, you could attend Masonic meetings in Grand Lodges in amity with ours. Having a brother in each place you visit is probably one of the highest experiences you can live in.


If you want to live the experience of being part of York Mexico, do not hesitate and apply for membership, we will be happy to hear from you.