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One hundred years of fraternal relations with the United Grand Lodge of England

Published September 2022

In the second week of September, our Grand Master Rodrigo Palacios Sandoval and his committee attended the United Grand Lodge of England's invitation to install its new Pro Grand Master, Jonathan Spence, who takes the leadership position as head of all Freemasons of England and Walles, just behind the Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent. 

The Grand Master's agenda began on September 13th with a private meeting in the Freemasons Hall with the United Grand Lodge of England's Grand Chancellor and his delegation, in which both parties exchanged their points of view about the relevance of Freemasonry in the new era and the benefits of maintaining the high standards of regularity. 

Both parties expressed their joy concerning the celebration of one hundred years of fraternal relations (the oldest recognition granted to a Latin American Grand Lodge), which will take place on September 23rd, 2023, in the main hall of the Most Worshipful York Grand Lodge of Mexico, F.&.A.M. in Mexico City. 

A banquet followed the meeting in honour of the outgoing Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes. In such an event, our Grand Master had a chance to dialogue with his peer of Iceland, Netherlands and Scotland, as well as our countryman of the Gran Logia Unida de Veracruz and the Grand Logia Occidental Mexicana.

On September 14th, our Grand Officers attended the installation of the new Pro Grand Master, having a seat in the East of the Temple. Once concluded the Masonic Ceremony, all attendants shared a toast and supper courtesy of the new United Grand Lodge of England's officers. The reception finished with the signature of the Book of Condolences for the passing of HRM Queen Elizabeth II. 

See the private gallery here

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