What do Masons believe in?

Freemasonry is a benevolent, charitable and educational fraternity, and it does not hide its principles and beliefs. In opposition to most of the people believes, the Freemasonry is not a secret society; it does not hide its locations and does not require its members to hide their participation.

No international administration or authority governs the Freemasonry. You can not call some Grand Lodge to get the official, worldwide policy position of Freemasons because no such policy exist. In most of the Countries of North America, each state has its own Grand Lodge, with the particular case of Mexico where besides to the Grand Lodges of each state, there are some Grand Lodges which claim jurisdiction throughout all the Mexican land. But some basic beliefs are common to all regular, mainstream Masonic organizations like the York Grand Lodge of Mexico. 


The beliefs of Freemasonry can be boiled down to three simple concepts:


Love for each other and for all humankind

This is a simple put, Masons believe in the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. The golden rule is a part of every major world religion, so it qualifies as the single, unifying theme of all faiths. Its most basic concept is the cornerstone of Freemasonry, no matter how it is phrased. 

In every Mason you will find a friend, regardless if you are a member or not, the commitment with the fraternity is extensive to our most common social sphere, the society, place on which we lie and get in practice our Masonic values and virtues. 

From a Masonic point of view, brotherly love is that special connection made between men who get together with a common purpose, 



Charity for others and mutual aid for fellow Masons

Many people who are familiar with Freemasonry but are not members are aware of some of the fraternity's philanthropic and charitable contributions to society. A common statement is made that, internationally, Freemasons provide $3 million every day to charity - almost $2.3 million coming from members of the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America.

Freemasons regularly support their communities in matters related to scholarships, relief for natural disasters, donations to the school and general help to low-income families based in areas considered as a high poverty margin. Masons have provided retirement homes for their own members as well as schools and homes for orphans, and they participate in a dizzying list of community and social programs.


Especially notable are the many medical philanthropies supported by Masons, which range from neuromuscular, dental, and eye care to the world-famous Shriners Hospital program for children. 

Although these charities make an enormous contribution to and have a tremendous impact on society, Masons do not perform such services to mankind to receive gratitude or recognition. Individual Freemasons are encouraged to participate in all forms of charity and benevolence for society, not just the ones get on the evening news or in the morning paper. And Masons do not teach and have never taught, that good works on Earth are means of salvation in the afterlife. Masonic charity is practised to improve the lives of men here and now.

Masonic charity does not mean writing a check or throwing coins in a basket. It means giving a part of oneself and one's time-commodities that are always ins short supply. By participating in improving the life of a whole community or a single human being, by example to encourage others to do the same.

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